about photo 1Patti Cooper
Owner / Operator

Magic Carpet & Furniture Cleaning is a family owned and operated business founded in Lake County, Florida in the mid 1970's by the Mitchell Family. The Mitchell's retired in late 2003 and Patti Cooper is the new owner of Magic Carpet & Furniture Cleaning.

Over the past several years the business has grown because of "word of mouth" advertising provided by the many satisfied customers.

"We do what we say we will do, and stand behind our work 100%. Our only goal is to provide quality and value to our customers so that they will tell others about us."

We select our employees based on our beliefs. You have our word that they will be knowledgeable, professional, and courteous!

About Our Process:

Our carpet cleaning equipment is self-built and, to this day is maintained by Magic Carpet. It is very unique and regularly catches the eye of the inquisitive or as we like to say, "the engineering type."

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The Foam Formula is our secret! We manufacture it ourselves from a blend of safe, biodegradable ingredients.

This gives us truly a proprietary system, with many benefits we are sure you will find advantageous, as our regular customers have for nearly 40 years. Just one of the reasons 80%; of our business is from repeat clients!

My sofa and love seat are made with a cotton blend upholstery. The fabric has an off-white background with a floral pattern with some very deep burgundy colors. For some reason, this made other companies way too hesitant to even try to clean them, as they felt it was just too risky to try to clean as they were sure the burgundy colors would run. I had two different national chain upholstery cleaning companies out to my house only to walk out when they saw the upholstery, followed by a few more turning me down over the phone when I told them the upholstery was an off-white cotton blend with deep burgundy colors. It had no stains on it and wasn't even overly dirty, it was just in need of a normal maintenance cleaning. After about a month of trying to get someone to clean these two pieces of furniture, thank heavens I found Patti! She came out the next day and took a good look at the fabric and felt comfortable she knew exactly how to clean it. She proceeded to go to work on my 12-year-old sofa and love seat, giving both of them "extra love" on two of the more popular arm rests. WOW!!!!! They seriously look like I bought them today. When my husband came home that night, he too was in complete shock. Whatever Patti did to it, I can tell you it absolutely did not bleed one bit. I recommend Patti with Magic Carpet Cleaning without any hesitation at all, and look forward to using her again when needed.Carol - Casselberry, FL